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A private forum and resource hub for female creative entrepreneurs to learn, connect and collaborate

Women in Biz - Resources and Community

Vision & Mission

As a creative entrepreneur, you need accountability and community. After all, it's through a solid support system, feedback, and collaborations with others that you produce your best work!

Admit it: As much as you love your friends and family, and as supportive as they might be, you know they don't reaaaally understand this creative entrepreneur thing you're doing (especially when they work corporate 9-5s) -- which is why I created this community so you can find support w/ like-minded creatives.

This FREE, small but intentional group is for you if you're a female entrepreneur, artist, or freelancer who's been flying solo (in business, not necessarily in life), and you're ready for female entrepreneur friends with big dreams who actually get what you're doing (and why you freak out and get excited about certain things when it comes to entrepreneurship). Regardless if you're brand new to these entrepreneurial waters or have already dived in and been swimming for a few years, this MightyNetwork forum is the place to be to get some quality tips on content management & creation.

Hey, I'm your community host, Ariette Hung :)

This forum is hosted by me, a creative writer & content creator from Ontario, Canada (ariettehung.com / ariettehungevents.com / theintentionelle.com ). I'm a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur who has built 3 businesses through selling digital products, courses, coaching, and 1:1 services, all the while juggling being a full-time student. With a passion for helping female entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses, I share high-quality content creation, entrepreneurship, online marketing, and mindset tips. 

Why You Should Join

In this group, you'll find like-minded female entrepreneurs in creative industries (a diverse bunch, which is why I say we're multi-passionate) and it's likely that you may find someone in this group whose product or service is something you need or find people who you can click with on a creative level and collaborate with on a project. Join this group if you're ready to join an online membership of female entrepreneurs, and do some creative collaborating.

To gain instant and lifetime access (as long as you're in the group) to my tips, free resources, be first to know about my digital product launches like new online courses (woohoo!). It only takes a few minutes to get started, and all you need is your email address. Click the "Request to Join" button above to get started!

Our Values

  • Creativity over competition
  • Education and empowerment
  • Cheering one another on
  • Relationships over numbers
  • Sharing stories and tips
  • Supporting small business
  • Working smarter, not harder
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